ZUKIMOBA – New Era of Game Play to Earn

If you are a big fan of MOBA games, Zukimoba was born for you. Heading to the Metaverse, the game is based on a traditional Japanese snowball fighting-competition (Yukigassen). This is not only an engaging and funny online game but also a competitive Esport to play. ZukiMoba is promising to become a global Esport in the future.

ZukiMoba uses NFT as a foundation to build the characters of the game and collect ingame items. ZukiMoba is also “Play-to-earn”  like other NFT games, bringing profits to the players and making it different from traditional MOBA games.

Games on the same category that had resounding success: 

  • Axie Infinity (ROI: 1386 %)
  • Thetan Arena (ROI: 941,5%)


A closer look: 

Zukimoba is built on the extended ecosystem of Binance Smart Chain and applied with many blockchain techniques. Zukimoba is more than just a traditional online game, it is a playground to connect crypto owners with gamers and streamers. These individuals would make a sustainable ecosystem for both players and investors, spreading the game out to the world. 

How to play: Collect and trade ingame items using NFT Marketplace, upgrade your character and then you can join the fierce battlefield, individually or as a team. You can make friends in the game and play with them. There are 5 types of character in the game:

Knight: deal attack damage. 

Beast: deal long-range damage and make fast movement.

Witch: create lucrative effects for the allies. 

Tanker: block and disable the enemy.

Healer: support the allies.

Moreover, Zukimoba is integrated with DAO  –  Decentralized Anonymous Organization which means players can make a poll to choose the leader and the admin of the system.

Zuki Moba has been audited by Certik and TechRate. Both of them are reliable network security companies using blockchain technology, pioneering in using advanced verification technology on smart contract, blockchain protocol, wallet and Dapp.



  • CEO – Dan Ngo:  7 years of experience of investing in crypto. 5 years of experience in ADS Marketing (Website, Youtube, Facebook). Developer of cryptof.ventures, ecoinbanks.com
  • CTO – Lucid Hoang: Founder of UFIN and OnicGame. Co-founder of Vero Farm and advisors at Jeritex, Moniwar Latoken. 5 years of experience as a manager of Blockchain projects. 4 years of developing games in Asia market.
  • Kellie Nguyen: 10 years of experience in Digital Marketing, used to work for P2P Digital Agency, one of the most famous branding agencies in Vietnam.
  • There are 18 people in the dev team of Zuki Moba, all of them are experienced in the technology industry, blockchain and media.




  • Leon Truong: Works in the administrative council of companies like: Sendo, FPT,…,president of DTS, a famous digital technology company in Vietnam. 
  • Ja Long: Founder of BlockchainHub.vn. CEO and co-founder of Sharkland and SharkAgent – Smart Real Estate hunting tools. 
  • Cat Van Khoi – Vice president of Vecom, founder of  Sapo and Ecomkey Asia. 10 years of experience in online business.
  • Additionally, there are 5 more CEOs and founders in the list of advisors of Zuki Moba.



There are 32 investment funds that believe in the potential of Zuki Moba. Needless to say, the attraction of this NFT gaming project is undeniable. Some famous funds that invest in Zuki Moba:

  • X21: A fund founded in 2018 and has had 114 investments so far.
  • Kyber Network: a famous investment company in Vietnam, Kyber Network works as an assurance for Zuki Moba.
  • Krypital Group: founded in 2017, the closest project that Krypital group invested in has successfully called for 12.5 million dollars.

Zuki Moba also got the support from many other famous investors: CoinCu Ventures, Onebit Ventures, Dora Factory, Bin Starter, Krystal Go, VB Ventures, Alphamoon Capital, Kiwi Group….


Q4 2021: Launch Alpha and Beta version of the game so that users can try out the astonishing graphic quality of the game. IDO and INO will also be launched, NFT Marketplace and features of the game will be finished during this period.

Q1 and Q2 2022: Official launch of the game.

Q3 and Q4 2022: After the official launch, the developers of the game will concentrate on upgrading features of the game, heading to a MetaVerse universe.



  • Total: 1,000,000,000 Token: $ZUKI

  • Seed TGE: 5% (1m cliff, 6% vesting per month )  –  $0.01
  • Private sale : TGE: 8% (1m cliff, 6% vesting per month ) –  $0,0125
  • Public sale TGE 25% ( 25% vesting per  months) – $0.018
  • Team: TGE: 0% (12m cliff, 4% vesting per month)
  • Advisors TGE: 0% (12m cliff, 4% vesting per month)
  • Marketing TGE: 2% (2m cliff, 3% vesting per month)
  • Reward TGE: 0% (5% vesting per month)
  • Airdrop TGE: 0% (2m cliff, 10% vesting per month)
  • Development fund – TGE: 0% (2m cliff, 3% vesting per month)


Initial cap: $277.200

The initial cap of this project is approximately $277.200, this is the ideal amount of money to start any project. The price of the token is expected to rise significantly after being listed. 

The return of 25% token in the public sale stage is rather high for a gaming project, this could lead to the fact that the users would concentrate more on the price of the token instead of the game itself.

Additionally, tokens that the team and advisors possess are locked for 12 months, this proves the permanence of ZukiMoba and the commitment of the creators. 

Potential of the project:

CCV believes that Zukimoba is a fascinating and appealing game for any gamer. The upcoming IDO event is going to be a great attraction because Zuki Moba already has a community with more than 208,000 followers on their channels.

Not only does Zuki Moba have many backers with awesome profiles, their creators are professional and experienced in the field of technology, gaming graphics and building communities. This shows the potential of Zuki Moba becoming a world-class NFT game of Vietnam.

CCV believes Zuki Moba will have sustainable development even when the market hibernates. However, 4% of vesting after 1 year of team and advisors’ token is rather high for a gaming project.

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