The Parallel – The Gateway to an Infinite Metaverse

The Parallel works toward a vision of becoming an infinite Metaverse universe where players can create infinite things, enjoy unexpected experiences, connect with other players to create a unique universe with an independent economic system along with making money from it.

Outstanding Features

The Parallel is built based on the Minecraft genre game, which has a large number of users around the world, and also the advantage of Parallel being more accessible to players than the fighting game genre.


Unlike other games in which players compete with one another, Parallel’s fundamental attraction is centered on user connections. The game seeks to provide immersive experiences to players of many social classes, independent of age, gender, occupation, or social level.

The long-term ambition is to see The Parallel’s endless canvas grow into a huge and diversified collection of explorable masterpieces that encompass the tremendous ingenuity of the global gaming community.


They intend to develop an incredibly enticing and rewarding “Enjoy To Earn” ecosystem that will eventually cultivate the world’s largest gaming community of crypto-enthusiasts and NON-crypto-enthusiasts alike.


The game has 3 main parts: Craft/Decraft; Hydra system; Creative to earn

  • User-Generated Content (Craft/Decraft):
    • The Parallel will be the universe where players can be completely themselves. Players are the makers of their own world and can join with others to develop a boundless universe of The Parallel, thanks to their unlimited creative power of imagination.
    • The Parallel will provide a platform where gamers may play, create, collect, trade, and earn cryptocurrencies without going through a central control structure.


  • Hydra system:
    • The Hydra System, a technology that outperforms present copyright safeguards, will secure copyright ownership over the players’ contributions. The method of using AI for identity scanning is to ensure that each NFT generated is distinct, with NO TWO NFTs sharing MORE THAN 85% similarity features. This means that players can claim complete control of their one-of-a-kind product and gain revenue from licensing or leasing the NFT itself without fear of imitation.


  • New Concept – Enjoy to play:
    • Most of the games’ concepts recently are Free-to-Play or Play-to-Earn. The Parallels, on the other hand, is unique. They are focused on spearheading the Enjoy-To-Play movement. They build a universe that is purposefully designed to provide each and every participant complete autonomy. They want to let players generate money from what they enjoy doing. They could be anything that they want to be or dream to be as long as they feel happy about it while they’re making real money in the form of The Parallel Token ($PRL) or valuable NFTs.


  • CEO: Louis Nguyen: 5 years of experience in software engineering
  • COO: Bui Ba Hien CEO Box Studio, 10 years of experience in marketing and games
  • CMO: Tran Quoc Diep – Lead MKT at many major media channels such as VTC Online, FPT online, VTVLive, VTVcab…
  • CBO: Daniel Pidan – 10+ years in international business and public relations. Dedicated crypto gaming enthusiast.
  • VR/ AR Director: – Hung Hoang Viet, Co-founder Sparta VFX


  • Steven Nguyen: Founder/Co-founder: Netlink, Metub Network, Luxstay,, CoinCu. CEO Steven is a talented leader with a rare combination of patience, ambition, and adaptability.
  • Hung Dinh: CEO Hung Dinh is a well-known millionaire in the technology field. He is also the founder of JoomlArt, Designbold… whose products own up to 50 million users worldwide. The startup founded by Hung Dinh has represented Vietnam to attend the final round of Creative Business Cup Vietnam 2016 and won first place, along with experience in running VIC Partners Venture Fund for domestic startup projects.
  • Mr. Santiago Roel Santos: Mr. Santiago Roel Santos: He is a partner of ParaFi Capital, Advisor of Synthetix. In addition, he has 3 previous jobs including Director of Research and Growth at Elysium. He has more than 9 years of experience in Blockchain, Fintech, and Crypto. He is an extremely reputable person on the social network Twitter with more than 76100 followers. His Twitter has both CZ of Binance, Justin Sun of TRON, and a series of major CEX exchanges that follow him.

General Assessment: The Parallel team is very strong in technology and communication, especially in the field of communication. They have a very large number of famous KOL in the world. The team is currently working for major Vietnamese media companies such as Channel 14, FPT, VTC online, owning 12 youtube channels related to Minecraft.


The Parallel has been invested from many large and reputable funds, which is Kyber Network, Rada, Coincu Ventures, Coin68 Venture and Box Studio.




Launching Landing Page.

Token Generation Event (IDO).

Launching Earning Feature.

  • Farming PRL/BUSD.
  • Staking
  • Staking

Foundation Game:

  • Craft Paragon.
  • Craft/De-craft Function.
  • Focus on Creativity.

Allow submission of Paragon Design

  • Copyright protection: NFT hydra system
  • Copyright monetization

Q1 – 2022

Launch Marketplace.

  • Buy/Sell Rune.
  • Buy/Sell
  • Rentel Design
  • Buy/Sell Paragon.

Launching Mining Game: Woodcutter 

Exhibition & Auction Event:

  • The Most ingenious NFT paragons



Land Sale

Launching New Mining Casual Game


Q3 /2022

Integrate with game developer, and entertainment company

  • Enable game creation and land purchasing feature. Allow to conduct business in The Parallel

Launch AR/VR for game developers and entertainment companies

Launch New Mining Casual Game:

  • Digging Game



Launch Game Development Orientation Event for Studios and Developers

Mega Virtual Event of the Parallel:

  • The Best Experiences in The Parallel!

Mega Virtual Event:

  • The Best Experiences in The Parallel



The Parallel GAME Hackathon:

  • A Gaming Festival for The Best Games Developed on the Parallel System
  • Orientation Event for Entertaining Companies



Token Metrics

Parallel ($PRL) – Main Token

  • Token Name: Parallel
  • Ticker: PRL
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Contract: Updating …
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 token

PowerStone ($PS)- In-game Token

  • Token Name: PowerStone
  • Ticker: PS
  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Total Supply: Unlimited

General Assessment: With a way of returning PRL Tokens in the format of 25% for the public sale, 10% for investors from the Seed and Private round, then locked it for 3-6 months along with the total initial supply at TGE is not too large (2.15% of total supply, which is around $774,000) makes an attractive investment with a long-term and functional project like Parallel.

Token Usecase


  • Fee, Trading on the Marketplace
  • Rewards for participating in special events
  • Minting NFTs Paragon, Land, Item.
  • Provide liquidity on exchanges


  • Rewards for in-game activities.
  • Craft/Uncraft NFT.
  • Minting NFTs Paragon, Land, Item

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The Parallel is a member-owned community game without centralized leadership.

All $PRL holders are, in fact, members of the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

To participate in the governance process, DAO members will have to deposit their $PRL. The $PRL deposited can only be counted for votes.

By participating in the voting process, $PRL holders directly contribute and build together the future of The Parallel universe.

Occasionally, active DAO participants will also be rewarded for their great contributions to the ecosystem such as limited edition NFT items from The Parallel or simply a $PRL reward

Project Potential

Isometric cryptocurrency concept with bitcoin icons and people do mining 3d vector illustration

According to Coincu Ventures (CCV), Team Parallel brings together the elites in the technology and media in Vietnam.

Strengths: Parallel’s competitive advantages over other GameFi gather a relatively strong team in both technology and media, which trigger Parallel easier to build their name and resonate it in Vietnam and around the World

Moreover, the team has built three high-quality Defi game projects, one of these is in the top 10 products on the Tron network. The outstanding project of the Parallel team has achieved a capitalization of 120 million with 18,000 users, 15 million Total value locked. This shows that The Parallel will be a potential and desirable game project to become a unicorn-like AXS.

The team’s long vesting time, full vesting up to 51 months prove that the team will have a long-term attachment to the game and promote the game to develop further in the future.

Minus points: However, the minus point of the project is that there is currently no specific product for users and the gameplay is not clear. There should be a test-net version for players to experience to have more confidence in the project.

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