Sovi Universe Review (SOUNI)

Project overview

Souni is an innovative game project that combines NFT technology with 3D MMORPG gameplay in the fantasy genre. The game is developed using blockchain technology and most of the items are built as an NFT.

MMORPG is a role-playing game with the participation of multiplayer in a virtual world. Souni creates a fantasy world, combining multiplayer with play-to-earn mechanics to participate in activities such as boss fights, side quests… to earn NFT items or SOUNI tokens.

There are more than 200 characters and 5 magicians, each mage has a special ability and skill set. The collection of weapons in the game is also quite rich with more than 1000 sets of equipment divided into 6 categories and 5 quality types.

The special feature in the game is the special costumes, and increase in strength of the character.

Game Souni creates some spin-offs for the players to use play-to-earn features in various ways, including the following features:

  • Raid and loot: players can go on adventures together
  • Contribute and gain: players can cooperate in the spin-offs and fight with monsters.
  • Trade and Bid: Item marketplace for trading, borrowing, and auctioning.


Total: 100.000.000 coin

Initial Market Cap: 507,500$

Tokenomic Assessment

  • Tokenomics is paid according to the fair launch regulation; the price in all rounds is the same = $ 0.145.
  • The project calls for investment mainly in the form of private sale (20%), 10 times higher than the IGO funding round at Launchpad platforms.
  • Both private and IGO rounds pay 10% TGE. CCV predicts that Souni when listed on the investor floor will break even immediately, because IGO on Gamestarter has an ROI average (at least >15 times)
  • Dev: 5% unlock on TGE => This is a minus because maybe Dev will recover capital as soon as it is listed. The general pattern is that they will likely have less enthusiasm for work than when being locked. However, the Dev team has 6 months Cliff after TGE and 3.95% monthly payment.
  • Adoption Incentive of the project is quite high (accounting for 27%), boosting long-term play-to-earn gameplay of players.
  • The liquidity of the project is also quite high (accounting for 25%), but there is no information on the unlocking time.

=> Conclusion: CCV assesses that Souni’s price may initially drop because Dev, Private, and IGO tokens are unlocked. However, after that, the price can recover because the fallen tokens reach the bottom and are locked for 2 months with attractive mechanisms and in-game bonus points.


The team’s information is not clear. The team has foreign ambassadors, so it will be promoted strongly both domestically and internationally.

Advisor: Mr. Andrius – CEO of Gamestarter


Souni owns pretty valuable backers, so it is expected that there will be more quality investors after the deployment.

Souni is sponsored by GameStarter platform and is expected to be IDO on GameStarter platform. Game Starter has IDO projects like Project Seed (ATH ROI since IDO: 752x), Dark Frontier (x22), Demole DMLG (x21). This is currently a pretty good IDO platform on the market.

Road map: 

  • 12/2021: Pre-launch:
    • Mystery Box Exchange
    • NFT PreSell
    • Mining
  • 2022: 
    • Jan: Beta version
      •  Character and Equipment
    • Feb: Official Version
      • Features base on Beta Version
      • Airdrop for beta uses
  • 2023: 
    • Q1: Launch on Lay-2 Chain
    • Souni Dao Reserve Currency
    • Souni Dao Government
    • Open Map Editor 

Project potential assessment

  • Gameplay and games: Game play is quite nice. Souni has a multiplayer mode in the interactive game, fighting bosses together to produce items. In addition, the play-to-earn mechanism also has many features for players to choose from.
  • Team: Souni has an advisor who is the CEO of GameStarter. The team does not show much information
  • Backer: prominent and potential Backer is IGO on GameStarter, this is a plus point for the project.
  • Tokenomic: Souni’s Tokenomic has a good, reasonable reward for the play-to-earn feature. Also, the amount of tokens paid out per batch is acceptable.
  • Communication channels: Not much communication yet. The telegram channel was created on 11/23
  • Roadmap: Souni’s Roadmap is quite detailed and complete, with a clear release schedule for each feature of the game.

Conclusion: The Souni project is a project with long-term development potential. CCV assesses that this project can be funded.

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