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Project Overview

Nulink is a Privacy Blockchain technology project built on Polkadot’s ecosystem and developed by  Nucypher. Privacy is everything we need.

(ATH Roi:  16555% private sale)


What is Nucypher: 

Project’s USP

Nulink aims to improve data privacy & security for NFTs since blockchain is an open market without data security. All on-chain data is traceable on blockchain even if it’s the most complicated transaction. Therefore, Nulink has created a market for “NFT private auctions”  – a non-published channel for NFT auction but only a group of people who own some part of the NFT artwork or having a specific amount of ETH.

Another utility of Nulink is securing personal medical profile on blockchain. Recently, there has been multiple hacks aiming at personal data for commercial purposes, which would leave tremendous consequences. These such threats motivate Nulink to offer a solution to information leakage and what they do is to store data of personal medical profile on decentralized system and manage them effortlessly and efficiently.


Co-Founder and Product Owner of MuchSkills, 

Co-Founder of Up Strategy Lab. 

Previously Design Director of The Techno Creatives 

Interaction Designer of Design Lab in MIT at Cambridge USA. 

CEO of Up Strategy Lab

 Co-Founder of MuchSkills,

 Co-founder & Operations Leader of One Life Dreams. 

Previously Chief Commercial Officer of Appland, 

Chief Marketing Officer of Mentice and COO of Appgate (Former Cryptzone).

Core team of Nulink is a collective of experienced individuals and experts in security solution and cryptography. They all have proved themselves in multiple global scale projects, especially NuCypher.

Tokenomic and vesting schedule: 

Total Market Cap: (NLK)

Chain: DOT

Amount Price TGE cliff (month) % Vesting/
TGE listing
BD & Community (không tính vì là phần thưởng) 2% 3,60%
Team 0 3
Foundation 3%
Seed round 10.000.000 0,005 10% 0.75% 1.000.000
Private round 100.000.000 0,015 15% 0.7% 15.000.000
Strategy round 80.000.000 0,03 20% 0.66 % 16.000.000
Launchpad – IDO 10.000.000 0,035 N/A
200.000.000 initial cap 1.120.000

Figures of TGE after IDO is not announced yet but the  initial market cap could be estimated to reach $1.120.000 or even higher, at $1.470.000. This is not an ideal number but acceptable since tech-focused projects are much more pricey to be developed and operated. Nulink offers technological and cryptographic solutions to information security, data encryption, data managing and storing. All would be done on Polkadot’s ecosystem which is one of the best layer 0 blockchains offering multi-chain operation, making it a potential projects.

Moreover, Nulink is launching testnet on Q2 of 2022 and mainnet on Q4 of 2022.

Disadvantage: There is no information about distribution plan for Team, Foundation, Incentivization. Mining refund linearly within 4 years.

Team CCV’s opinions:

This is a potential tech-focused project due to the solution it offers the market. Additionally, all fundamental information of the project is transparent, Github’s project is constantly updated and everything is on track according to road map. The next big update on the road map is to launch Mainnet on Polkadot for investors and users to try out the ultilties and functionalities of Nulink

Some concerns of ours is that Nulink Foundation would receive tokens right at listing time and then be vested quarterly. Also team’s allocation would be locked only 3 months then vested in 2 and a half years. This is a minus since Nulink team would receive token quite early and would affect team’s long-term commitment to the project growth, especially when this is a tech-focused project. Furthermore, two third of total token allocation are not published yet so there would be a small chance of Nulink Foundation could cash out anytime after listing, leading to a crazy dump. But that’s just an assumption of all possibilities that could happen.

Ouf belief is that the project’s team wants to hold a specific amount of token to keep developing the project. No founders would ever want to have their project vanished right at the beginning, especially with this such visionary project and the amount of raised fund. Team members of Nulink are reputable and respected individuals, having built multiple digital/technology product, therefore there’s no reason play on that and build a fraudulent project.

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