Orbitau – In the era of the Metaverse, a gleam of hope for Gamefi


The first game in the Taureum ecosystem, Orbitau, is a turn-based idle combat game suitable for all players.

Users can personalize their characters in Orbitau in a variety of ways, from appearance to stats, resulting in a vibrant universe.

Because of a more robust NFT item system, the Orbitau game, as the first Game-Fi project in the Taureum ecosystem, provides players much better earning potential than most other games today. Furthermore, Orbitau’s main token, Taum, will be used in future games and projects created by the team.

Main Features

Orbitau includes a robust NFT system that provides players with a variety of options, including:

  • Territories: Special elemental regions that will aid you in establishing your own colony, upgrading your heroes, and gathering uncommon materials.
  • Gods: In addition to possessing unique skill sets, many gods can be improved, increasing their value each time. Furthermore, gods can be paired to form Eggs, which are fundamentally more valuable than their “parents.”
  • Beast: A deity isn’t complete without his summoned beast, and possessing a one-of-a-kind summoned beast is bound to pique your interest.
  • Decorations and Weapons: Players can personalize not only their Domain but also the gods’ skills and appearance, making them genuinely one-of-a-kind and indicative of the player.

3 Primary attributes

  • Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Agility

5 classes

  • Ocean
  • Ember
  • Forest
  • Earth
  • Ore

The game’s aesthetics are quite excellent, with NFTs shaped like eggs and lovely characters.

Token Utilization


In the Obirtau universe, ORI is a token that players can earn and utilize in game activities. ORI can be proportionally traded for TAUM.

Token Name: Orbitau

Ticker: $ORI

Total Supply: token

Initial Market Cap: $175,000

Tokenomics Reviews

  • The amount of tokenomics is divided properly, and over a lengthy period of time. The tokens will be paid out in the longest cycle of waiting, which might take up to 32 months.
  • The team and Advisors will receive all tokens over the course of 36 months, with the first 12 months locked in and the remaining 24 months dispersed equitably on a daily basis. For investors, this is a good time to vest because it shows the team’s dedication to the Orbitau project.
  • The percentage of tokens provided to players is fairly high, accounting for 40% (with play-to-earn 25% and Staking 15%), promising to be a game where anyone may make a decent living.
  • The quantity of tokens released by TGE for the Strategic, Private, and Public rounds is quite small (at most 5% for rounds P1, P2) and amortized over at least 11 months. This avoids the number of tokens released during the TGE event from being excessively strong, resulting in the phenomena of breakage. When there aren’t many tokens on the market, Dev can completely pump to make the chart look attractive.

Conclusion: The token allocation time is rather long, which is ideal for the project’s long-term objective. 


The team has a lot of experience, with the CEO/CTO having over 15 years of industry experience and the CMO having over 12 years of game development and distribution experience.

Oribitau’s game development team is F6 Galaxy. They are a collection of highly skilled experts with an average of 11+ years in the deep tech industry and a track record of developing businesses worth more than $400 million.

The leadership of Company I is made up of specialists in their fields who have worked for companies such as Paypal, Google, Havas, CMN Online, Microsoft, BeGroup, Agribank, and others.



Road map

Evaluation of project potential

  • About the game’s aesthetics: Orbitau features some excellent graphics that are easy to view and predictably this idle game is good for all ages, play-to-earn
  • Team: The F6 Galaxy crew is robust, with each employee having a wealth of industry knowledge.
  • Backer & Investor:Backer has a number of different brands, including Coincu, Rada, NGC Venture, and Lavender Capital. There are a few funds, however, that have a proclivity to discharge, such as: LD Capital, x21
  • Roadmap: Roadmap is quite detailed

Coincu Ventures Team rating

Orbitau project is rated as an investment able project by Coincu Ventures. However, because there are already a lot of idle games on the market, a moderate quantity of funds should be utilized to spend to avoid dangerous initiatives for the project.


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