Overview of the project:

Mytheria is an online trading card game, the first sci-fi NFT game to have an interesting plot, and bring the players to a unique mythical universe of the gods from Norse, Egypt, Greece, China and Vietnam fighting for the glory of their nations.
In Iron Sail, the first island to appear is Mytheria – the island of Gods.

Marvelous characteristics

  • Outstanding animation: 
  • If the players are familiar with famous MOBA games like Dota 2 or League Of Legends, they will not be able to resist the ultimate graphic quality of Mytheria. The graphic content of Mytheria is designed by Cuong Le, who has tons of experience with War of Heroes from Marvel and skins in Dota 2.
  • The images of the Gods are well-researched and designed by experienced artists in many famous game studios from all around the world.


  • A brand new TCG (Trading Card Game) that gives the players a “mind-blown” experience.
    • For the first time, Gods from different mythical universes fight for their honor and the final victory.
    • Many game modes: training, PVE, PVP, Battle royal, E-sport,…
    • Unique gameplay:
      • Pick a Champion/Hero that can level up and get the skills unlocked throughout the game. Each Champion has its abilities and strategies for playing.

  • Play the game and earn money at the same time
    • There are lots of game modes means that you have more chances to find cards and MYRA (the currency of the game)
    • Possessing-Trading-Auction: unlike conventional games, in Mytheria, players have the opportunity to possess the cards. Collect rare and premium cards to join a virtual economy where you can earn real money.
  • Marketplace
    • Where the players can buy NFT Cards from the artists or other players in the game.
  • Workshop Godforge
    • Mytheria is the first game to have the “Create-to-earn” model, which is the opportunity for artists to show their imagination and creativity. The artist community in the game is called the GodForge.

The Story of Mytheria: 

         In Mytheria, there are hundreds of gods from many Pantheon. Every god has their own characteristics and powers. There are 5 main Pantheons in the game: 

  • Greek: Represented by Poseidon.
  • Norse: Represented by Thor.
  • China: Represented by Wukong – The Monkey king.
  • Egyptian: Represented by Set – God of Desert.
  • Vietnam: Represented by Saint Giong.

Our Team:

The Mytheria crew consists of members having great passion with games and in depth knowledge of Blockchain:

 Phan Duc Trung  – Strategic Advisor

  • President of Decom Holdings, specializing in investment and finding DeFi solutions.
  • More than 20 years of experience working in big financial organizations in Vietnam (Techcombank, FPT,…)
  • Le Manh Cuong – CEO
    • 10 years of experience in Arts and the gaming industry.
    • Directly involved in the graphic design of the famous card game from Marvel Studio-War of Heroes. 6 years of experience designing skins for Dota 2.
  • Ngo Anh Tuan – CHO
    • 10-year experience in sales and marketing for games and FMCG. 5 years of experience in developing, publishing and distributing games.
  • Le Minh Nhat – CMO
    • 10-year experience in sales and marketing for games and FMCG. 5 years of experience in developing, publishing and distributing games.
    • The founder of BoardgameVn, the biggest board game company in Vietnam.
  • Nghiem Minh Hoang – CFO
    • 8 years of experience in finance, sales and marketing.
    • Vice President of Bee Capital, Managing more than 20 investing projects of Bee Capital.
  •  Tran Dinh – Technology advisor
    • CEO Alpha True
  • Steven Nguyen – Strategic Advisor
    • Founder – CEO LuxStay
    • Founder LuxCommerce
    • Founder METUB Network
    • Founder Netlink Online Communication Corp
  • Tri Nguyen – Strategic Advisor: 
    • CEO Kardia Chain
    • CEO My Defi Pet.
  • Strategic Partner: 
    • Kardia Chain 
    • Decom Holding
    • Bee Capital



  • Good Games Guild  is a Gaming Hub whose mission is to create the biggest industry of virtual reality. GGG has cooperated with many notorious games like: GameStarter, TitanHunters, Bit.Country, The Kill Box, Demole, Legends of Fantasy War,…
  • Polkastarter is the leading decentralized capital raising organization in the Crypto market.
  • Many other funds like: BitScale Capital, Youbi Capital, Kardian Ventures, Morningstar Ventures…

Potential of the project:

  • Trading Card Game is not only entertaining, it is also a great chance for the artists to gain money by exchanging, possessing or bidding cards. This makes the game more appealing and rewarding for both players and artists of the game.
  • Looking back at Than Tich’s success in the past, Than Tich only concentrated on Vietnamese gods and myths but finally finished the crowd funding stage with 20k$, 181% of the initial expectation. Mytheria is much more diverse with gods and myths from many other cultures of the world. In other words, Than Tich can be considered as a small brand of Mytheria. Needless to say, the potential of Mytheria is undeniable.
  • With the rapid development of NFT, Mytheria is expected to be a great pride of the Vietnamese mythology culture when for the first time, the Vietnamese gods appear with gods and mortals from other cultures all around the world in a MetaVerse.

Information on Tokenomic:



The total proportion of Token on sale is 11.5% (10% for private sale and 1.5% for public sale). The quantity of Token released in the TGE is: 5 million Tokens (2.5% total). TGE price is expected to dump and then rise up again if the crew can manage the game well.

Tokens of advisers and the crew are locked from 6 months to 1 year so there will never be the circumstance that the Developers of the game dump the Tokens and leave for other projects. The crew will stick with the game with a long-term vision.

The staking amount takes 30% of aggregate supply (60 million Tokens), this will increase the number of Mytheria players to get the Staking of the project.

The added liquidity is rather small, only 5% Token.



  • Q3:
    • Finish the concept and gameplay of Mytheria
    • Official Website 
    • Trailers on graphics of the characters, tokenomics, how to play and the story of the game. 


  • Launch of Alpha Version: PVP arena, arena of unrank mode, solo mode, inventory of collection cards, workshop for GodForge


  • Q1
    • Launch of Beta version: addition of tournament, rank mode, leaderboard, breeding, gacha, birth of god, marketplace (cards and skins) function and basic sound effect, art effect
    • Release more than 150 NFTs cards.
  • Q2
    • Official launch of webgame and mobile app.
    • Arts of 300 cards
  • Q3
    • More features: Adventure mode, Deathmatch mode
    • Arts of 400 cards

Review on the potential of Mytheria

  • Mytheria is the pioneering game in the upstart Create-2-earn category. The great feature of GodForge is  both a playground and a source of income for the gaming artists.
  • Mytheria is also an appealing Play2earn and NFT game with the potential to build a huge, long-term community in its MetaVerse. 

  • Mytheria is developed by Kardian Team, the crew that has created many well known games in the past, some can be listed out: MyDefiPet x220ATH, Thetan Gem x150ATH. Therefore, it is really promising that Mytheria can reach the success of the former games or even go further.
  • Mytheria is a strategic card game with beautiful graphic design and takes the advantages of the two best MOBA games in the world: Dota 2 and League of Legends. As a matter of fact, the release of this game will catch the attention and support of many young people.
  • Mytheria is one of 7 islands of Iron Sail (, a project by team Kardian which has the funding of 25 million dollars.


Conclusion: Mytheria is a worth-investing project.

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