Mytheria – Extremely Hot NTF Game Late 2021

A world in which gods from different cultures fight for honor and glory. A mythical world with hundreds of characters to choose from. Mytheria offers a unique experience full of exciting moments and thrills for all players. More specifically, the project provides an environment to demonstrate skills and opportunities for practical gain.

Project presentation Mytheria

Mytheria revolves around a loop of addicting gameplay activities like collecting, upgrading, fighting, and trading with other players for gods and soldiers.

The game is set in a world in which gods from different cultures fight for honor and glory. Users choose from hundreds of different characters and artifacts to create a deck to win battles against other players.

It’s also the first GameFi game to deserve a project that integrates generation functions where users can do one of the activities to earn tokens and tokens. Here, players have an environment in which to demonstrate their skills in both PvE and PvP and help them make a practical profit by trading.

Hundreds of gods and gods of death from the 5 pantheons are published in the first version of Mytheria. With each update, the world of Mytheria is expanded to include more gods and pantheons.

With the GodForge Workshop you can vote for your favorite gods of the artist community and bring gods from your culture into the world of Mytheria.

▶ 5 pantheons include:

Greek: represents the sea god Poseidon

Nordic: represents the god of thunder Thor

Chinese: represented by My Hou Vuong – Wukong

Vietnam: represented by Saint Giong

Egypt: represented by the desert god Set

▶ Special features:

  • Play for free to play for money (free-to-play, play-to-earn)
  • Own, trade and auction cards
  • Create new gods with artists
  • Card game controls the god of war to win

▶ MYRA: The indigenous people of Mytheria

MYRA serves four main purposes:

(1) It is used to reward players for their games and improve retention rates,

(2) it is the game’s payment currency with which the player purchases assets and purchases or revalues ​​cards,

(3) It serves to regulate the gaming economy for monetization and to protect against bots,

(4) and enables users to participate in governance through suggestions and voting.

Token name: Mytheria

Symbol: MYRA

Total supply: 200,000,000 MYRA

Mytheria – a world in which gods from different mythologies fight for honor and glory

Derived from the idea of ​​a mythical world where all gods and heroes from different cultures coexist and thrive in the majestic universe of Mytheria, each character is refined and invested in backstory, psychological development and graphics. The development game aims to provide players with a deep world with top notch graphics, a place where everyone can find their own version.

Users can start the game for free as all new players are given a starter deck made up of 40 individual cards. The battle arena has two tracks and is structured like a MOBA. The player’s task is to defend his tower and attack the enemy’s towers. A Mytheria game consists of a series of rounds with 5 levels and lasts until you win.

The game is skill based and is determined by a combination of in-game decisions as well as tactical deck building prior to the game.

A war shook the entire universe and brought gods and mortals into conflict with one another.

Mytheria carries a crystalline energy that stores an incredible power that even the gods would envy. Every god from all pantheons will want this power for himself. And so the struggle continues uninterrupted.

In such a chaotic world, where Zeus can shake hands with Odin, Heracles attacking alongside Thor and Wukong Ares on the battlefield, anything is possible. You have the power to build alliances between gods and heroes to form an invincible squad and create new gods of unimaginable power.

Mytheria gives users the thrill of building a deck to win battles against other players. With hundreds of different characters and artifacts, players can form their own alliances for the ultimate victory.

What does Mytheria do differently?

Interesting game

The main characters are gods from different cultures fighting on the same battlefield

You are in complete control of these gods. Although each match only lasts around 5-10 minutes, it is enough to give you the ultimate tension and intensity.

Impressive graphics

Special attractive graphics designed by a famous artist with years of experience in the global game studio


Mytheria was the first groundbreaking NFT game to offer an exclusive artist monetization community, and of course, on behalf of the artist community, you included: GODFORGE.

GODFORGE is an exclusive community where you can display your artwork or even create your own characters.

Artists can freely express their creativity and talents and also earn money by buying, selling and auctioning selected works in order to include them in the game universe via a voting system.

The ultimate goal is to be a fun game and then play for money. Players can earn different rewards for trading in the market or at auctions by playing different modes with the same character source. Towards the end of each season, the best players with the highest MMR will be rewarded with in-game treasures and tokens

Here players can buy works of art directly from artists (primary market) and collect cards from other players (secondary market), all on a single platform.

The entire process of pricing, buying, selling, and using works and characters is decided by the artist and the player. This is the height of blockchain decentralization

Technology that most current games have not yet reached when the publisher is at the heart of every transaction

The gameplay is simple, but you have to determine your own strategy in each fight: combine gods from other pantheons, change the positions of gods and gods to become the winner!

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