MetaGear Review

Metagear’s abbreviation

Metagear is a tactical P2E Metaverse vehicle collision game project with funny images, players will not see familiar commandos as usual but instead cartoon characters with more than 1000 different designed marksmens. Players can customize their cartoon characters and buy and sell accessories and power-ups through the NFT Marketplace.

Game Metagear reminds players of the famous traditional shooting game Gunbound for this 2D animated game genre.

Metagear was built by a team of experts from Onesoft Joint Stock Company – a leading company in the field of game development on mobile phones. OneSoft was established in 2010. Up to now, Onesoft is proud to be the leading mobile application development company in Vietnam. Currently, this company has millions of users from products on the Apple store and Google Play such as the game Space Shooter (100m+), Alien Shooter Galaxy Attack (100m+), Airforce (50m+)

Detailed Review

The technology that built Metagear

  1. Optimize features to integrate on both PC, Android and IOS platforms
  2. The graphics in this game will use pixel technology – pixels to build game characters with a lovely and lively cartoon style,
  3. The game builds vivid and unlimited vehicle collisions that transform the shape of the battleship
  4. Built on a secure blockchain system, all transactions will be guaranteed safe in the game
  5. Advanced feature that integrates many features of a P2E game like:
    • Buy/sell, auction and rent items
    • Play to earn: earn NFT and trade on NFT Marketplace, Farming and Staking to increase wealth, join in special events to receive items

Play Style

To participate in this game, players will be able to choose 3 default pilots and the upgraded version will give players more choices in terms of character appearances and special skills.

Before joining in the battle, the player needs to equip the character with the vehicle engine parts that are NFT items to prepare for the battle: Gadget – improved machines; Chassis- car chassis; Wheels: wheel; Weapon combat weapon. All of these items are upgradeable and exchangeable on the NFT Marketplace

After fully equipping all the parts, players can participate in the game through:

  • PVP:  Players of the same rank will fight each other, each player has a maximum of 20 points corresponding to 20 mana per day, and will lose 1 energy pot if they lose. The winner will receive a Blue Shard (a type of bonus point) -> gather enough 1000 Blue Shard players to create 1 Blueprint – extremely rare item.
  • Blueprint can create other NFTs including Material – materials to upgrade characters from Normal, Rare, Mythical and the highest is Mythical
  • Blueprint is also possible to create Boosters – items that can enhance the Gear’s combat abilities. There are 5 types of Booster as follows: Attack up, HP up, Energy up, Mass up, Kinetic up
  • Campaign Mode:player will receive Blue Shard every 48 hours based on the level achieved at the play-time. There will be 15 people participating in the ranking competition and the players who are in the top 6 within 48 hours will be promoted. There is a maximum of 24 levels for a campaign within 48 days.
  • Tournament – Participating in the game: The tournament will take place over 7 weeks for 7 categories. The ranking is based on medal points calculated according to the ELO formula. Top 10 people will be promoted and weekly rewards will be based on current ranking of players through Blueprint, Blueshard and $GEAR
  • Guild Building: To promote community interaction through the Guild feature, players can participate in building and receiving rewards from their Guilds. Joining in PVP 3v3 competition: a exclusive feature for guilds to compete to achieve ranking points in the Guild

Business model

NFTs are only sold by Overgear in phases for the purpose of controlling inflation and enhancing the value of the NFT. Game design system to empower the community to release NFT from the game

Players buy NFTs to upgrade warships, participate in battles and earn Blueshards, BluePrint. Then, depending on the player’s preference, they can sell items on the NFT Marketplace to new players or upgrade their character’s strength. This will create liquidity in the game.

Team Reviews

Co-founder of the project is Mr. Tony Vu ​​- 8 years of experience as CEO at leading technology companies in Vietnam.

Co founder – Nang Doan: Co-founder of Onesolf Technology JSC, CEO of Rocket Studio, a mobile game development company founded in Singapore with many famous mobile games such as Space Shooter (100m+ downloads), Alien Shooter Galaxy Attack (100m+), Airforce (50m+)

CEO and CTO respectively Kimmie Vu and Cuong Cao respectively are both people with many years of experience in the field of game application development and software engineering, contributing to the success of Onesoft and Rocket Studio

The development team consists of 16 people, all of whom have many years of experience in the field of technology and game software development under Onesolf and are jointly building an extremely potential Onepad platform. With support from FPT Corporation President Truong Gia Binh.

It is known that OnePad was established in 2021 and was built by FPT Adtrue – a member of FPT Corporation. Onepad with the duty of becoming a pioneer in the field of blockchain technology in Southeast Asia. Onepad provides a unified ecosystem that helps blockchain projects simplify the transition. At the same time, providing comprehensive solutions and services for projects, consulting ideas and innovating systems for product development.

Advisor and Backer

There is no information about Advisor and Backer.


Metagear isn’t the only powerful, animated image-building strategy game. So at the launch of the game will face the heavyweights ahead such as:

  • Axie Infinity : ROI: 1645.99x  (+164,498.9%)
  • Elemon : ROI: 263.33x (+26233.3%)
  • Alien World: ROI:  445.35x  (+44,435%)
  • Mobox: ROI : +1186.3%

However, MetaGear has distinctive features such as simulation game, NFT burn mechanism to prevent inflation, unlimited variable NFT items, NFT rental and auction functionality. Moreover, players can easily join because of the simple rules of the game. In particular, the game has developed an online chat feature similar to traditional games. This will attract participants.

Looking at the game projects built on this model, they are all very successful, this also gives promises for MetaGear in the future.


  • 11/2021: It is currently the end of November but the project still does not have an official website and marketing on social platforms. It seems that the team is behind the Roadmap schedule
  • 12/2021: The game promises to release beta testing game and build community
  • 1/2022: IDO, launching Marketplace -> relatively long compared to current NFT game projects, because next January, the market may not be as hot as it is now
  • From February to March 2022: Launching the game on PC and features in the game, listing on CEX Exchange
  • Q2/2022: Upgrading version 2 for the game
  • Q3 and Q4/ 2022: releasing IOS version, Metaverse Beta version, car auction function, developing cross-platform game and upgrading to version 3, coming close to building Metaverse game universe


Supply: $GEAR

Blockchain: BSC

There is no price of the rounds, so it is not possible to evaluate the initial cap at the time of IDO.

Private round: %TGE paid to investors from private sale is quite reasonable: 8%

Team and Advisors of the project are locked within 12 months, proving the team’s long-term commitment to the project

Liquidity Listing 15% is quite a lot, but there is no unlocking information.

Game incentive of the project accounts for the highest 23% of the total allocated tokens, which will promote long-term play-to-earn gaming. Moreover, locking for the first month will keep the token price from the community, but it can also reduce the appeal of the game.

Development team is paid 88,400,000 tokens daily for 36 months respectively 0.36%/month and 4.3%/year -> this is a minus point that can create a discount when Dev team dumps. But because the percentage of token payout is not too large, this can be a contract between the development team to motivate the Dev team to actively work and build the project.

Looking at the tokenomics distribution CCV assesses that the price of Metagear at the beginning will be dumped because the amount of tokens from Seed, Private, IDO, Dev are all unlocked. However, then the price will recover and increase again because the amount of tokens has been already dumped and locked for 2 months.

Evaluate project’s potential

Team Coincu Ventures rates Metagear as one of the very interesting P2E games on the market today. The team that works very seriously with the product and the leading Backer and Advisor team of FPT will bring to the project a large number of domestic and foreign investors.

The project’s team are all experienced people, and the team’s 12-month token lock proves their commitment to game development, and at the same time, the team is also building a potential Onepad platform with the investment from FPT President – Truong Gia Binh.

Conclusion: Metagear’s project is a project that Coincu Ventures invested in at the time of writing because we see the commitment in the product and promise it will be a very attractive P2E game in the near future.

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