Meta Racers Review

Meta Racers in a Nutshell

Meta Racers is the first racing game in the Metaverse universe built on blockchain technology. Racers can experience super speed racing, innovative gameplay and top graphics to participate in PVP matches to earn money.

Detail Evaluation

Game rules: players have the right to choose 3 modes: PvP, PvE and Duo to earn prizes.

Features of the game: 

  • PVP Mode: compete with other players to earn great rewards
  • Events: every month, the top will receive attractive rewards 
  • Marketplace: a place to exchange, buy and sell NFT items in the game to increase profits. Only players who own a membership card – can exchange at the NFT marketplace
  • Vehicles: Common Car, Epic Car, Legendary Car

Especially: Meta Racers has an attractive gift box opening mechanism when receiving rewards – MetaRacers Box – to unlock supercars. Every month there will be an event, players can participate in buying MetaRacers Box (MRB) to receive limited edition car models. The reward will be modified based on the number of vehicles opened from the gift box. This is to limit price inflation from in-game funds to increase the value of MRS tokens.

Business model

Players will need a fee to access the game modes

  • PVP: the joining fee is from 0.5 eMRS to 10 eMRS and the reward for the winner will be 0.3 – 1.2% of the value of the car that the player owns
  • Energy Points: Vehicles need to be recharged before participating in races, the average player will receive 20 energy points per day; for each PvE and PvP race the player will lose 1 point and max mana can be changed based on the number of vehicles delivered to the gift box.
  • Fees from withdrawing, trading on NFT Marketplace, unboxing, and participating in PvP racing will be 3%

Like other P2E games, players can Staking, Governance – voting to receive rewards, Exchange, Payment…

Moreover, the project builds a Defi mechanism in the game, where players can make a profit by placing bets, lending if they don’t want to spend time playing the game.

Team evaluation

Đội ngũ team tương đối ấn tượng:

CEO-Huy Lê: has more than 7 years of experience in technology and has studied abroad. Founder of Brayang Studio – specializing in game development founded in 2014

Game Leader – Khoa Cao: has more than 3 years in software development and programming

Global Lead Marketing – Tien Dung: studying abroad in Russia, participating in game development from June 2021

In general, with game application development, the programmer plays a very important role, so the team leader is the person who understands engineering and technology, and this proves the potential to build a game project. Moreover, the Development Team brings together most of the people who are knowledgeable about technology, graphics, as well as visual designers


In addition to a team with experienced members, MetaRacers owns large investors and partners such as BSCSstation, AU21 Capital – Tier 1: top investor, Lotus Capital, SGNCapital, CoinLab, and many other investors. This proves the potential of the project.


  • Quarter 4 of 2021 has a demo-app for players to experience. Open funding round
  • Quarter 1/2022 has a trial version released beta-game, test-net game. Items are available, launching PvP game modes, NFT Marketplace
  • Quarter 2 2022: Listing on CEX and Coinmarket cap, Coingecko, NFT Staking
  • 3rd Quarter 2022: Release on multi-platform, update the popular features of the game, cooperate with many other parties
  • Quarter 4/2022: launch demo on VR virtual world application

Overall assessment: IDO on BSCStation Launchpad in December 2021, at the same time as testnet game, proving that the game has a real product and has a long-term vision. Existing players can go to the game’s website to download and experience the test-game, as well as on mobile apps. This can help keep the token price at the initial listing

Starting listing on Coinmarket cap and Coingecko around quarter 2 of 2022 seems a bit long. But if the project is listed on CEX, it will be able to help the construction game develop even when the crypto market falls into hibernation.


Total supply: 300,000,000 Token: $MRS

Initial cap: $240,300

With Initial cap of $240,000, the capitalization is very suitable for the size of the project from the listing time. This will cause the price to increase rapidly at the beginning

Lock-up period: Seed and Private are paid 5,340,000 tokens at the time of TGE and will be locked for 2 months without tokens after distributing tokens at the time of listing, and will be paid again for 12 months. The project wants to avoid the rush of discharge from investment funds-> proving the project’s caution.

Public Sale 25% – 1,200,000 tokens compared to a total supply of 300,000,000 is a good number so that the price can be x30.40 times at the beginning

Team and Advisor are locked for 6 months then paid within 24 months. The lock period is relatively stable for the team to build the project.

Project Potential Evaluation

CCV evaluates this a racing game worth playing with a long-term vision. The development team builds the real product, including you to test on the app for players to experience to increase the reliability of the project. Especially for speed enthusiasts, with simple gameplay, beautiful graphics, etc. This will attract more participants.

Reasonable IDO time during the NFT game rising stage, so investment at the beginning will bring profit

Gathering a trusted Tier 1 backer team and a development team with many years of experience in the software engineering field will ensure the long-term development of the game.

The number of active users on the social platform is more than 10%, proving that they are real members, increasing the community’s interest in the project. The project wants to build a quality community right from the start.

Minus point: The Marketing team of Metaracers is not too strong, so Twitter and Telegram have not many followers compared to other NFT game projects at the same time, not showing virality.

General conclusion: CCV assesses this as an investmentable project. Next time IDO on BSCSstation promises an explosive game in the future.

Link to project details:

– Pitch deck: DocSend

– Website: MetaRacers (

– Twitter: Metaracers

– Telegram:

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