GemUni Review

GemUni – Overview

GemUni’s vision is to build a gaming platform where the players can be the real owners of their ingame properties and trade those items to crypto currency, making real profit, real money out of this platform.

Geni Pass

Geni Pass NFTs play the role of a membership card which can be used to access every game on GemUni and play to earn money. When players have the pass, they can choose the game modes in which they can make more money: Training, PvE, PvP.

Mechanics: players can use GENIX for farming, staking, lending and leasing to get the reward. Or they can trade ingame items on NFT Marketplace and increase their assets.

Our Partners


  • AWS
  • Blabs
  • Opensea
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • TechFest


  • Ceo Cassie Nguyen: 8 years of experience in gaming softwares and AI,Champion in the Startup World Cup 2019 in Silicon Valley  (1 Million dollars investment prize). 
  • William Nguyen: Serial entrepreneur whose experience varies in many industries with over 20 technology businesses.
  • David Nguyen: expert of technology in Fintech, Lending, DEX and banking system design. Leading some multi-million dollars projects of NFT, Blockchain, Fintech. First prize in the Singapore Fintech festival in 2019 for Asean SME category.


  • October 2021: Introduce GemUni – Universe of casual games with Play2Earn mechanics. Releash WhitePaper ver 1.0. Launch all Social & Community channels.
  • November 2021: Issue GENI & GENIX according to tokenomics. Raise private sales.
  • December 2021: Launch the Beta version of the web game with all features of play2earn mechanism for players in the tester list. Check for the security capability of the game. Release official web game. Start Farming & Staking GENI, NFT Passes. List GENIX on DEX and GENI on Pancakeswap, CMC.
  • Christmas 2021: Launch IDO. List GENIX on DEX, GENI on PancakeSwap and CMC.
  • Q1/2022: Introduce DeFi mechanics and launch partners site. Release Whitepaper ver 2.0. Publish 200+ Play2Earn games.
  • Q2/2022: Introduce GemUni portal for developers/publishers to buy/rent a piece of land to do gaming business on GemUni. List GENI on DEX. Release Whitepaper 3.0. 500+ Casual games to Play2Earn.


  • Total supply: 100.000.000 GENIX 
  • Token: GENIX
  • Network: BEP20
  • Private sales: 5% at public sales,  locked for 6 months then linear vesting in the next 12 months.
  • Public sales: linear vesting in 3 months.
  • Advisors and partners: locked for 7 months from public sales then linear vesting in 12 months.
  • Marketing and Community: vesting in 24 month from public sales.
  • Games treasury: linear vesting in 36 months from public sales.
  • Farming and Staking: vesting in 36 months from public sales.

Information on tokenomics shows that the amount of tokens for TGE is reasonable. The market cap of $616,667 is ideal in the uptrend period of gamefi at the moment. The price of this token is predicted to pump when it is listed. Besides, TGE in Public sales is enough for break even.

Potential of the project

CCV believes that this is a worth investing project at the initial stages due to the development of the gamefi trend these days. This project will gain huge success if it is invested reasonably because it already has simple gameplay and excellent UI/UX.

The creators of the game are experienced developers and have already proved their ability in the profession for a long time.

Weakness: the token lock time for advisors and creators are rather short, only 7 months and vesting in the next 12  months. This cannot show the long-term attachment of the team with GemUni.

For more detailed information about the GemUni Project, read the Pitch Deck below.

Unigem Pitch Deck:  GemUni Pitch Deck.pdf – Google Drive

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