FOTA Review

Project introduction

FOTA is the type of Triple-A MOBA game genre, generally games of this genre will be built with a high development and promotion budget. FOTA is owned by Meta DJINN PTE. LTD – which is a software and application development company.Integrated with a type of MOBA-RPG, so players can real-time interact with their teammates in FOTA Metaverse. 

FOTA integrates with Microsoft Mesh technology, a Platform built by Microsoft Corporation to explore and experience the Metaverse at its best. Microsoft Mesh is the world’s first platform to fully support MR technology- Which is the combination of VR and AR. FOTA is designed to optimize Unity 3D Engine. Unity 3D will be used to enhance the smooth graphical experience of characters or worlds in FOTA, so that players can easily immerse themselves in the Metaverse.

The development team introduces the mechanisms of the game based on economy and democracy through the DAO platform system. With the goal of turning the metaverse in the game into a more realistic universe than ever before, integrated Microsoft Mesh (a Microsoft Corporation platform pioneered in creating the richest Metaverse experience).

FOTA wants to develop a system of DID – a decentralized identity that opens up new experiences for users on the Metaverse platform in the near future. DID will be deeply integrated in the FOTA Metaverse platform with mechanisms related to the decentralized network. Allowing personal information to be stored on the Blockchain network promotes security, transparency, and instant accessibility.

Detailed evaluation


FOTA creates three different worlds: Greenland, The Earth and The Nightmare.

  • Greenland or formerly known as Aether. Greenland is inhabited by god-like beings known as Omnis and Dragons – devoting themselves to fending off the vengeance of the onslaught from the evil Ogre army led by the Demon. Greenland is considered as a promising land – a place where secrets of the universe ‘Aether’ are kept.
  • The Earth: Ultimate civilization. Here Elf, Human and Keen live together and receive the transmission of Omni’s superior intelligence to The Human, ancient knowledge of the universe to Elf, while also bringing the ability to optimize energy to the Elf. Keen, with the hope that these three races can raise The Earth to become a new land, inheriting the quintessence of the ancient Omni race.
  • The Nightmare: A wasteland of the FOTA universe. Cold, dark and cruel, just like this so-called world – nightmares; only the darkest creatures like The Demon, The Beast and The Ogre can survive here. The Beast has only strength, not wisdom. Thus, right from the moment he arrived in this land, The Demon dominated and gave birth to The Ogre tribe – a monstrous race with cunning strength and malice to serve the Devil’s revenge plan.
  • Entering the FOTA Metaverse – A 3D Space, each player will become his or her unique heroes to start the journey. Each hero is born with its own power, story and mission. Characters in this game include 2 characteristics: Races – race and Classes – character lineup.
  • Races include: The Omni, The Dragon, The Elf, The Keen, The Human, The Demon, The Beast, The Ogre
  • Classes include: Mage, Priest, Warlock, Warrior, Chemist, Hunter, Assassin, Mech

Joining the game, players can easily rent / exchange / sell to turn the hero into a mighty warrior or a wealthy collector. Your items in FOTA Metaverse are considered as an NFT asset. NFT products. These items include:

  1. Hero
  2. Vũ khí – Divided into 4 main groups Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary
  3. Fotaland : Each land will become a unique NFT asset. As players can own their own clan, they will be entitled to hold 1 corresponding NFT Land and receive 1% profit from that Land. Also, NFT Landowners are allowed to sell or rent that land with their own clan members.

Especially, FOTA will open the Cross-NFT feature, thereby allowing users to bring NFT assets, such as Heroes and Items, to other game platforms owned by DJINN. Those NFT assets will be optimized to be used across multiple GameFi projects.

Players will take part in battles such as:

  1. Player vs environment; 
  2. Player v player, Duel – Dueling; 
  3. Tournament – contest:  Players will join in an arena with many other players in a 5v5 match to capture the opponent’s territory.
  4. Building classes – Formation
  5. Xây dựng clan – Faction: Members can join clans for free. But if they leave the clan, they will have to pay the management fee to the clan owner before joining the new clan. A player is only allowed to join one clan at a time.

Business model

FOTA Marketplace will open NFT rental for Heroes, Items and Skins. For players who are new to the game and have a need to use Heroes or Items with a high level, but don’t want to spend too much time and money on upgrading into NFT properties, Rent- to-play is a noticeable feature.

For each transaction, 10% transaction fee will be used to: 

  • 3% for Developer 
  • 2% for Referral
  • 5% for Treasury

The treasury room will be used as an anti-inflation fund for the FOTA Marketplace. In addition, the Treasury department will buy back and burn the first listed NFTs for quarterly sale. For funds in the Treasury that are not used up, these tokens will be burned at the end of each quarter.

Furthermore, FOTA creates a “Hybra Farming” mechanism that first appeared in the cryptocurrency market that allows users to use both LP and FOTA tokens for farming with a profit ratio of LP / FOTA Token of 2,5% to incentivize users to farm LP tokens. Users can claim daily profit and open weapons at any time without any cost.

Team Review

CEO – Đức Trịnh He is also the CEO of Dlion Media & Solution, a strategic planning firm that advises on marketing solutions for businesses.

CTO – Ryan Nguyễn: Who has experience as a security expert at Microsoft APAC, senior security expert at Vodafone Corporation

COO – Binh Nguyễn. Leed engineer at KIXEYE STUDIO of Still Front. Technical consulting architect at VNG Corporation. COO at, which was in the Top 2 most powerful community building sites and game releases from 2011 to 2016, after Zingme.

Currently, the team is all Vietnamese, each with strengths such as marketing and technology. They are all people with many years of experience and working in big famous organizations in the world and in Vietnam


Fota is built on Microsoft’s technology that shows the project’s long-term vision investment.

Fota has now been audited by Hacken, proving the reliability of the project.

Advisor hasn’t been revealed yet.


The team is currently following the right roadmap

  • 11/2021: Audit Smart Contract tokens on Mainnet by Certik & Hacken. 
  • 12/2021: Fundraising from Strategic partners. Released Cinematic Trailer and new heroes
  • 1/2022: Private Sale
  • 2/2022: IDO and will launch Alpha on iOS/Android/PC.
  • 3/2022: CEX listing,  Cross-chain on Solana and Near. Releasing new features.
  • Q2/2022: Launching user digital identity feature. Integrate Microsoft Mesh into the FOTA system.
  • Q3/2022:Game upgraded. Launch beta for The world Saga.

Tokenomics Review

700.000.000 FOTA

Initial Market Cap: $388.815

With an initial cap of $ 388,815 is the ideal capitalization for a project when listing. This can make the price rocket at the time of listing at least x10 times.

  • The amount of TGE allocated to Seed sale, Strategic sale and Private sale is stable.
  • Foundation lock tokens for 12 months, then amortized in 2 years, proving that the team wants to stick to building development projects
  • Team and Advisor lock for 6 months then pay for 18 months
  • Marketing and Development of the project is also locked for the first 3 months, then paid in 15 months after.
  • Unlike some current game projects, Team Dev usually gets paid with tokens instantly.
  • 65% of tokens are for rewards. This is an enormous percentage of the allocation for the game. Proving that the team cares about the community participating in the game

Evaluating project potential

  • Visual interface: The game interface is very refined, investing in terms of images, so that graphics are exquisite. The vision of becoming an MR game in the Metaverse universe is also worth looking forward to. Combined with Microsoft Hash technology shows that the team is dedicated to this project. This is a game project that has also been cherished by the developer for a long time.
  • Tokenomics:  FOTA’s tokenomic is properly allocated. Key factors in tokenomics such as team, backers, dev are evenly distributed tokens over time after being locked for 12 months. Shows the commitment of the development team to the project.
  • Partners: There is not much information about strategic partners, but currently the team has Mr. Ryan Nguyen and Binh Nguyen, both of whom have a solid and long-term technology background and used to work at Microsoft.
  • Media: Currently, Telegram is drastically deployed – 104k followers vs 10% of active users established since November 19, 2021. Facebook has more than 5k likes and an extreme expected engagement rate for the project.
  • Backer: Microsoft, audited by Hacken on 11/15/2021, still in the process of verification by Certik.
  • Negative: FOTA is a Triple-A MOBA Game project owned by Meta DJINN PTE.LTD and headquartered in SINGAPORE. This company was just established about 1 month before October 21, 2021. It proves that the game project has just begun to be cherished, not as long-term as the roadmap set out.

Review of Coincu Ventures

FOTA is a game project worth investing in when it comes to graphics, gameplay, and the vision of becoming an MR game, which can become a developing game during the market’s dormancy. The amount of Tokenomics and initial cap allocation is also reasonable. However, by the time of IDO until February next year, it is likely that the market will not be as hot for NFT games as it is now, so it is necessary to consider the ratio of investment capital allocation to the project.

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