ERTHA Review


ERTHA is a defi game project, NFT Metaverse, the content in the game will direct players to owning land in the game just like living on earth – also a very hot trend game today. Well-known projects in NFT Land include.

–  The Sandbox (SAND – ROI 1500%)

–  Decentraland (MANA – ROI 5,819%) 

–  NetVrk (NTVRK – ROI 3,965%)

–  Realm (Realm – ROI 2,270%)

Detailed review

  • The ERTHA project has an investment in image, and attraction along with website and media video is also very eye-catching. This game is inspired by the Heroes of Might and Magic game genre based on exploring and investigating the world, promotion, professional selection and increasing the power of the company and the nation. This game is designed to recreate a real-life environment, simulating the actions people have to take to make a living as in the real world. Ertha consists of 350,000 pieces of HEX land, which can be purchased as NFTs.
  • Features of this game are designed to recreate a real-life environment, the player must perform all actions to be able to survive and live. Earn cryptocurrency by playing ERTHA.
  • Because it’s designed to simulate the world which we live in, the game has real player-driven economies, wars, and politics. And players must possess real survival skills like Evolve – Improving skills, Fight, Be the landowner, Live life – earn salary, Rule – becoming president.
  • Players need to upgrade their skills, the higher the skill, the greater the ability to own NFT, the more diversely designed matches. Players will have to find a job, improve their skills to become the winner of the battle that will win an income tax called HEX. After owning the HEX, the player can become the owner of ERTHA LAND HEX and develop their own lands, thereby exploiting, building companies, manufacturing, leasing land to others, buying, selling and exchanging valuable NFTs, moreover participating in political and tax decisions. Dozens of companies and hundreds of people working in the game will have to pay taxes in crypto to landlords.
  • ERTHA has different countries and each country has its own currency that can be converted into cryptocurrency , presidential election mechanism and members of Parliament, National Treasury, State bank.
  • The difference of the ERTHA project compared to other projects is that players can experience life in the game just like in real life. Furthermore the game designs players who have little time but are still not in a worse position than those who can spend many hours playing continuously. In Particular, players can earn cryptocurrency by playing ERTHA.
  • The project has called for funding from 4 venture capital funds from the Seed Round. Backing investors in the first seed round of the project include Terranova; X21; Momentum 6 and Mars4. And among the 4 investment funds, there are 2 funds, X21 and Momentum 6, which are well-known funds.

Team Review

  • The project was developed by CEO Linas Kiguolis, who has had a vision of building and developing the ERTHA game project since 2015 until now, proving that the team is very enthusiastic about this game project and is also an experienced person in terms of engineering
  • Team’s advisors are all people with certain experience from fields of community communication, to technical effects, to visual graphics.
  • The only thing is that the developer of this team does not have many updates on linkedin. This can also happen because usually Devs also rarely use social networks.

Project development potential

  • The ERTHA project is a big competition in the NFT own land game industry. Moreover, ERTHA is developed in cooperation with URAGA – a CGI – VFX game development company, the goal of which will develop 3D games to bring to people. play top-notch visual effects. Furthermore, the gameplay as close as real life will also be easy to attract participants to join in the project.
  • When the game is released Q1/2022: open for sale exclusive land, players will really experience the feeling of the P2E game and bring value to ERTHA holders and players selling LAND HEXES and earning ERTHA tokens. Gaming is not only entertaining but will be profitable, which will make the game grow long-term even in the crypto winter.

Tokenomics (updated on 15DEC21)

  •  Total Supply: 2,000,000,000
  •  Token: ERTHA
  •  Chain: BEP20
  •  Seed Round: 0.011$ – TGE: 2.5% (3.5% from second months, linear for 30 months)
  •  Strategic Round: 0.014$ – TGE: 5% (4% from second months, linear for 26 months)
  •  Private Round: 0.017$ – TGE: 5% (5% from second months, linear for 20 months)
  •  Public Sale: 0.018$- TGE:10% (15% from second months, linear for 6 months)
  •  Development: – 18 months vesting
  • Staking, P2E: – 18 months vesting
  • Team & Advisors: – TGE: 0% (12 months cliff, 18 months vesting)

Initial market cap at TGE: $476,000 

  • The above information on tokenomics shows that the amount of ERTHA token payout at the time of TGE will fall into the market capitalization of $476. ERTHA public always initializes this cap on the website. They have some change with more longer vesting for all round event Seed, Strategic, Private Round and Public Round. But given the length of time and the potential of the project, this is a good project to invest in.
  • Seed/private round investors that will hold to use tokens to participate in buying NFT land and compete when the game is available in 2022
  • The project’s vesting time for seed and private rounds, the founder fell at a stabilized level, can still evaluate the team that wants to stick with it for a long time and develop the game with the partners of the project.

Roadmap: clear timing.

  • T1-4/2021 Invest 2 million in the development of the game, invest in code engineering.
  • T5-11/2021: mobilize investment capital, start selling NFT land 
  • Second half 2021 -> mid-2022: Exclusive land sale, there will be 50,000 users on telegram to register the game on channel ERTHA, strong international communication
  • T5 -11/2022: Developing new content in the game, developing in-game bots, developing a 3D mobile version of the game, 250,000 registered users to play ERTHA

Evaluation of ERTHA investment potential:

  • According to Ccv, this is a potential project for long-term investment and development in the market with the refinement of images from the website to the technical details in the game, if it can call for big-name funds of the world participating in the investment will make a big splash right at the beginning of the project. The project’s roadmap will promote communication in 2022
  • It will still be a 2D game, so it can’t be developed into a real 3D metaverse.
  • The possibility of price increase in the first week of TGE is not too high because of the large capitalization from the beginning but the price will be kept. The tokens release are reasonable and the price can increase over the length of time. TGE allocation is only unreasonable in paying tokens to the development team
  • The project is lacking well-known Vc names in investment, so it has not yet brought effective communication to its partners. More investors are needed to promote the project’s communication ability

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