DeHR Review

A Decentralized Social Career Metaverse on Web3

What is DeHR?

DeHR is a career-focused decentralized social network where people may look for worldwide employment and relationships to supplement their income. A social network aimed at “EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR CAREER, YOUR PROFESSIONAL NETWORK”

DeHR is likened to a “Decentralized Linkedin,” with a geographical network that allows users to interact and share data regularly through “Connect to Earn” activities.

Main functions

In comparison to LinkedIn and other recruiting sites, DeHR can connect all stakeholders to deliver global HR services that meet market demands. Here are some of the benefits of the DeHR social network:

  • Remove intermediaries and encourage direct engagement between professionals, recruiters, and job candidates.
  • DeHR is the perfect resume repository for millions of job seekers, professionals, and employers due to its unlimited search capabilities.
  • DeHR provides airdrops through a rewards system and may perform daily and weekly chores to incentivize users to develop their relationships and produce additional passive revenue.
  • The social network powered by Alecta AI and Web 3.0 delivers a reliable data source that is both user- and employer-friendly.
  • A rapid search time of fewer than 60 seconds, with several employment alternatives in various disciplines.
  • Compared to traditional recruitment approaches, optimize and reduce more corporate recruitment expenditures.

DEHR Mechanisms:

  • Staking Pool: Decentralized Staking Platform Provides Passive Income
  • Yield $DEHR can be farmed to offer liquidity.
  • Defi Lending: A solution in the DeHR ecosystem to assist schools, payroll, and other financial services.

“Connect to Earn” mechanism

Connect to Earn is a technique meant to increase the legitimacy of your profile, grow your network, and expose you to additional job prospects. Steps to Earn by Connecting:

  • Upload a profile photo.
  • Connect and broaden your buddy network.
  • Enhancing long-standing partnerships
  • Engage in new relationships.
  • Every day, new contents are added to your page.
  • In the Metaverse, NFT avatar photos are displayed.

Set a price for your resume; if anyone wants your contact information, they will have to pay $DeHR. Connect additional individuals to grow the network and enable more activities like identity verification and competence validation.

Carry out daily duties to help the DEHR database.

DeHR’s business model

  • Transaction fees will be distributed evenly to all DeHR holders as a result of the capacity to aggregate massive data.
  • DeHR’s advertising service: each company post is aimed at a large audience.
  • Financial services: Provide businesses with the data they require.


Token Name: DeHR

Ticker: $DeHR

Total Supply: token

Initial Market Cap: 560.000$

Tokenomics Reviews

  • Token allocations for Teams, Advisors, and the Ecosystem Reserve are locked for at least three months and vested in linearly for at least two years. The team and advisor demonstrate their long-term dedication to this project.
  • Similar to the tokenomics allocation of the strategic round, just TGE 10%, then lock the whole tokens within 2 months and pay it out within 10 months.

Conclusion: The Tokenomics team is suitably constituted, indicating the team’s commitment to this project.


The project’s development team is made up of highly qualified professionals with extensive expertise in the technology and blockchain industries.




The project’s potential

  • Orientation: The DeHR initiative has a lot of potential for expansion through fostering relationships to create money. DeHR will provide a personal information database that will be connected and exchanged without the need for any intermediaries, allowing people to find suitable employment anywhere on the globe.
  • Roadmap: The team’s roadmap is fairly comprehensive.
  • Community: Twitter has over 53,000 followers, while Telegram has over 100,000 users.
  • Tokenomics: The tokenomics in the team are appropriately apportioned, indicating the long-term character of the project.
  • Team, Backer are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the recruitment industry such as Gaming, Retail, FinTech, and Blockchain.

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