Cens World Review


The metaverse title provides a Create-to-earn feature for players to earn money.

Game content: Players play a role of living in a new world called Cens World. Characters in Cens World can act and portray different characteristics and personalities to express wealth, or poverty,… created by the player.

 The game revolves around the following activities

  • Central Bank: Lending, Stake, Collect taxes.
  • Survival: Quest system – Eat, drink, sleep, rest,..
  • Mini-Games and Battle: PvP and PvE mode. Game guilds. Tournament, Contest
  • Daily Life: Farming, Shopping, Connecting

Main features

  • Bank: Players can save, borrow money to invest in farms or use their own NFT. Players can also open a bank and operate as a personal bank.
  •  Farm: Players self-grow crops, raise animals, and harvest items. These items can be sold in the Marketplace.
  • NFT Market: The place to trade in-game items.
  • Minigame: Play mini-games to get rewards or CENS tokens.
  • Battle: Players compete against each other for the number 1 position.


Total: 500.000.000 CENS

Initial market cap:  575,000 (private +public + Seed)

Tokenomic Reviews

  • Initial cap = 575.000. It is considered quite a big amount compared to the size of the project.
  • The tokens pay-off round of seed, private, and public is reasonable.
  • Partner and Advisor: 20% of tokens will be unlocked on 30th, then 2% monthly after that => If the return of tokens to the team is too soon, there will be less commitment to the project.
  • Dev: 10% unlock, 3% monthly vesting in 30 months => paying tokens to the dev teams too early, will make the mentality of dev teams change when investing in the project, unlock the motive of dumping tokens, lead to break-even and leave to do another project.
  • The structure of token allocation payment is complicated.


The team is quite impressive, the team members all have an average of 5-8 years of professional experience in their respective fields. The team is pretty strong in tech, as every team member has nearly 10 years of experience.

Community Manager: Trang Vu – Top 10 Miss universe, is a positive plus.


There is still no huge VC currently, only Vietnamese investors remain unknown.

Evaluating project potential

In terms of games, there is no sign of the prominence of the game, this is just a role-playing game, living in the world of Cens World, creating-to-earn to make profit and express oneself. If the game only revolves around, it will sink expeditiously.

Tokenomic is not practical when Initial Capital is quite large – 575,000. The amount of tokens returned to the team, advisor, backer, and dev are relatively a lot over time. This can lead to short-term commitment of the development team to the project.

The core team is pretty remarkable.

Backer: The project has not yet attracted many investors. Backers in the project remain unknown and aren’t all about investment.

=> In conclusion: More aspects of the project need to be evaluated. Not recommended to invest in this project.


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